Track side

LGB 50614 Track Mount, 36 Pieces

These adapters let you mount LGB track on the bridge piers. Width 100 mm / 3-15/16“.

... / more details

LGB 50650 Crossing Gate

You can easily install these gates in straight sections of LGB track. The weight of the approaching train lowers the ... / more details

LGB 51910 Distant Signal Vr0/Vr1

A distant signal informs the locomotive engineer about the status of the next home signal. This electric LGB signal ... / more details

LGB 51920 Home Signal, Hp0/Hp1

This classic signal is found along the tracks of many European rail lines. This electrically operated LGB signal ... / more details

LGB 51940 Home Signal, Hp0/Hp2

This dual semaphore signal is indispensable in stations to guide trains. This fully working model features two ... / more details

Meet Chalk Garden Rail

Events we are attending this year.
Date Show
28th September 2024 Garden Rail Show
Barrow Hill Roundhouse Railway Centre, Chesterfield, S43 2PR
19th October 2024 Kent Area Group Autumn Meet
Christ Church and Hall, Luton Road, Luton, Chatham, Kent, ME4 5BT