Track side

LGB 50560 Double-Arm Station Light

Same as LGB 50550, but with two arms. This station light has a removable plug-in base and a base spike for outdoor ... / more details

LGB 50600 Truss Bridge, 450 mm

Every railroad has bridges. On a model railroad they represent attractive focal points. This authentic model of a ... / more details

LGB 50610 Arched Bridge, 1200mm

Does your railroad need to cross a large gap? Or do you want to install an eye-catching visual element on your layout? ... / more details

LGB 50611 Bridge Mount, 2 Pieces

These adapters allow you to use the LGB bridge piers with the arched bridge (LGB 50610). Use two piers, side-by-side, ... / more details

LGB 50612 Single-Layer Pier, 36 Pieces

Elevate your LGB railway! These are for use with LGB 50611 or LGB 50614. Width 100 mm / 3-15/16“. Height 15 mm / ... / more details

Meet Chalk Garden Rail

Events we are attending this year.
Date Show
28th September 2024 Garden Rail Show
Barrow Hill Roundhouse Railway Centre, Chesterfield, S43 2PR
19th October 2024 Kent Area Group Autumn Meet
Christ Church and Hall, Luton Road, Luton, Chatham, Kent, ME4 5BT