Track side

LGB 50300 Manual Semaphore Signal

This realistic, hand-operated signal is perfect for temporary layouts. It can be attached easily to any section of LGB ... / more details

LGB 50340 Station Platforms, 12 Pieces

With these platforms your LGB track will be embedded at a level so that passengers can board and freight can be loaded ... / more details

LGB 50500 Street Light

Light up your layout with this street lantern. 18 volt bulb (LGB 68501). Base spike for outdoor use. Height 210 mm / ... / more details

LGB 50520 End-of-Track Lantern for a Track Bumper

This distinctive lantern mounts easily on the track bumper included with the LGB 19901 Siding Track Set. 18 volt ... / more details

LGB 50550 Single-Arm Station Light

This antique-style, single-arm station light has a removable plug-in base and a base spike for outdoor use. 18 volt ... / more details

Meet Chalk Garden Rail

Events we are attending this year.
Date Show
28th September 2024 Garden Rail Show
Barrow Hill Roundhouse Railway Centre, Chesterfield, S43 2PR
19th October 2024 Kent Area Group Autumn Meet
Christ Church and Hall, Luton Road, Luton, Chatham, Kent, ME4 5BT